The Art of female Masking!

This is my female masking website. Thanks for coming to visit. 

I'm so proud presenting you my homepage.

     Imitation is the greatest expression of admiration 

It is an real artform to do realistic female illusions and I am doing my very best to get this to perfection!?!

On this site there are many pictures and videos of me wearing home-made face masks and various costumes and outfits. I try to explain how I created this female illusion - and how you can do it too.

My photos are not fake and not touched up! I know my photos look like manipulations or Photoshop productions - but I promise that it is really all me on the photos - me with different female masks over my (bearded) male face!

Since I started masking I have developed my so called "paper mask technique" - printed face masks made out of paper. But some years ago I switched to custommade latex masks. This is why there are tabs on some sites with 'latex' or 'paper'. Don't forget to check out my newest photos and video clips!

I publish my latest works on this site but on other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Dollspride or Youtube also. But only here you can see all and everything of my "art of masking".

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to write me a message!
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Love, hugs, and best wishes,


Author: Jessica Trance. Copyright 2005-2018. All rights reserved.


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